Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Counsel... or Contain?

AKA "Do the drugs work?"

How can the lonely pass a wall of friends?
How does the empty fill a heart that sings?
How does a single moment cloud the past?
Why does my mind dwell on these things?

How dare my anger rule this week!
How dare the sadness bring me down!
How dare the bitterness taint my joy
and cause to hide behind my frown!

This world is spinning in the dark
and will continue flying into night
For what might be eternal ages
I might as well do my bit right

I can't ignore this deadened void,
this part and apart of mind unwound.
But I can learn to close the door
and keep the silken, tender feelings bound.

Or is it best to break myself?
To crack asunder broken mind,
exposing torn flesh and sinew
never sure what demons I might find?

Building up from fragile fragments
A whole made from a part of parts?
And soldering the result together
with love from my close hearts?

The whole as one or parts anew...?

In one I keep myself as me,
but risk forever being lost
The other cuts out pain, like mould,
but at what cost...?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Riding the Storm

The dark draws near
You're falling down
it feeds off fear
Each motion is a frown

With mind stretched thin
A gust could tear and sunder
And all around is wind
And thumping thunder

You're down and drowning;
No sign of rising
Last light departing;
No sign of restarting

And then relief...
Though quick and fleeting
Hold onto the belief
Hold hard, heart beating

Held strong in comfort
No sound,
Just beating heart.
You look around.

Head clear
Space to breathe, sigh, stretch
All that's left is the fear;
Mind's wretch.