Sunday, 7 October 2012


OK, so I've started writing again and I'm really looking to test myself this time, to keep things interesting.

Rather than diving straight into another completely unfinished novel, I thought I'd try some personal challenges.

Over on LimeBird Writers, there's a challenge each week to write a story* in 100 words, based on a prompt.  I love this idea, because it gives anyone who wants to a chance to try out a new style each week.  100 words is just about long enough to write something that has style and meaning, without having to worry about the usual padding.  That is, unless doing the challenge sparks an idea that you want to take further - and in my view, there's no harm in that.  The nice thing about doing it via LimeBirds is that you get the added benefit of their friendly community to give you pointers and feedback.

One of the LimeBirds, LimeBirdAmber, who you can follow on Twitter (@ottabelle), tests herself with a much more restrictive challenge - a 140 character challenge; to write a story in just 140 characters (i.e. the number of characters for disposal on Twitter).  I love this idea, but I wanted to take it one step further by making older stories visible on Twitter, via the hashtag (#) feature.  Sadly, using the hashtag: #140cc (for 140 character challenge) reduces the number of available characters from 140 down to 134, and you need a space at the end, and your last sentence needs to end with a full-stop, so it's actually a 132 Character Challenge:

So the challenge is there; to write a story* in just 132 characters.  Feel free to add your own on Twitter - just use the #132cc hashtag and they'll go down in Twitter history :)

*Story? Well some could argue (and possibly rightly so) that you can't write a story in 132 characters, or even 100 words.  I was always taught that a story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end.... and this may well be true, but let's not let correctness stand in the way of fun, eh?

Plus, some of the entires for the 100 word challenge over on LimeBirds have been poems - I'd be happy not to dictate the content of these snippets.  Enjoy!

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