Sunday, 7 October 2012

100 Words - Suddenly, it was in my Hand

Foreword: OK, I failed this time.  The total word count is 127 words, including the prompt, which is 21 words over the allowance.  However, I think I made a reasonable attempt and will try harder next time...

The prompt, from LimeBird Writers, originally from Julia's Place, is not a picture this time, but the short phrase: "Suddenly, it was in my hand".  Julia's prompt also specified the approach should be in the genre of comedy (although this section of the prompt seems to have been largely ignored by the LimeBirds):

Suddenly, it was in my hand. 
I felt the pressure grow,
my heart rate rise,
my fingers close
upon the object held below.

I looked at the elastic band;
thick rubber tied in bow.
Why me? Why now?
I tried to calm –
It’s just a game; they weren’t to know.

The rubber ball came to my mind.
The sweats had started now.
Rivers running
from my armpits,
and yet more beading on my brow.

And so and so my thoughts were low.
That fateful day on track.
My old red ball
in cow dung stuck,
and me beside it on my back.

I looked about; all eyes on me.
Could I suppress my fear?
Tear off this wrap
of rubber scrap
and join the pass-the-parcel cheer?

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