Monday, 1 October 2012

100 Words - Mirror Time

I've grabbed another 100 Word Story prompt from LimeBird Writers.  This one is a little bit... weirder... than the last.

Image Prompt originally from Julia's Place

Mirror Time

My word, Barry, have you done something new to your hair?  It looks simply stunning, Barry!  Is that the new stylist on Corn Avenue? He’s so dreamy.

… And, Barry, do tell - where did you find those lovely green glasses?  They really set off your eyes, Barry.  Did you go to that place?  The little boutique off Park Row; you know, the one with the lemon blinds?  Lemon blinds and lime glasses – now there’s a thing.

Hey, Barry.  You’re looking good, Barry. Yeah.  With your pink tongue – show us some tongue.  Gorgeous.

Barry, having a bit of mirror time.

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