Friday, 19 October 2012

100 Words - It can't be that time...

I beat the LimeBird Writers to the challenge this week, haha!

The prompt from Julia's Place is: "It can't be that time".

This week, Julia's Place is explicit about the word count; 100 words, plus the prompt, totalling 105.

I swear it's becoming easier to write after all this practice. I had an idea forming in my mind even as I wrote the prompt down.

See my attempt below...

It can't be that time...

I watch the men get out of their black car and stomp up my drive, through the snow. It can't be that time already! I've done all I can; I've sold everything, but I haven't made enough.

One man bangs heavily on my front door. "Open up, Wilson. We know you're in there," he shouts, looking up at the window I'm standing in.

I panic. And then I feel it happening again. My head feels... strange. I watch as my hand moves towards the window, unbidden. There's a flash of blue light and the men below collapse. Asleep? Dead?

I gasp.

And then I run.

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