Sunday, 30 September 2012

100 Words - Ending

This is my first 100 Word Stories entry, via LimeBird Writers.  The idea is to write a story that's exactly 100 words long, based on  a prompt, which is given in the form of a picture.

Prompt image from Julia's Place


I'd come here to end it.  The cliff was high enough to make everything stop.  I peered over the edge and watched the rough autumn sea tear at the rocks at the bottom, hungrily.

Why wait?  I mean I was in no particular hurry, but something was holding me back.  I glanced across to the bay on my left and it suddenly struck me how beautiful this place is.  I smiled, for the first time in weeks.

The wind tugged my jacket and I realised I was cold.

Maybe next year, I thought, as I stood up and walked away.


  1. Very powerful entry! I could completely picture the guy and the emotions. Awesome. :) B

    1. Thanks, Beth! I'm still reading through LimeBird. I love your site!