Saturday, 2 April 2011

One Future

The year is twenty-one, forty-three.
What sights do you think you might see?
The world is warmed and melted ice has raised the levels of the sea.
All about lie scattered remnants of the human legacy;
twisted, broken ruins are the new trees.
The oak?  The birch?  The common pine?  All ceased to be.

The governments of Earth were run with bigotry.
They filled the minds of thinkers with fallacy;
the hearts of doers with visceral apathy.
(Preferring to waste resources on military,
instead of concentrating on what was necessary).

In the end, Nature's task was easy.
She just sat back and waited, patiently.
She did not weep as men began to die -
In her eternal eyes, life is a privilege, not right of one beast to squander freely.
Had she lips, she might have smiled at one stark irony:
Long before the last man died, Earth lost its humanity.

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