Friday, 26 November 2010

Snowy Ride

Left, right, left, right
Wheels round, chain tight.


My legs pump like pistons; the rhythm easy as I glide past standstill traffic
Headlights glare off tiny specks drifting steadily, softly, silently down.
The ground falls by; now white, now grey.  The new snow yet to give way to slushy brown.

The traffic thins as I reach The Hill; a slog; a twist of wheel
The side street lights flash by, making the flakes dance

I am a ghost.  I slip into the lane.  My lights barely pierce the gloom
Then, the trees give way to low hedges - and lo!  My way is lit by dim reflection of the moon

An insolent driver coming the other way dazzles me momentarily
his full beam blinding and painful in the dark; I lose my way
Veering left towards the bank, my sight returns - just in time!  I swerve to avoid the side
The fingers of fate are elsewhere; my tyres hold the ground

I breathe a sigh through my mask; I'm through.
Home is just around the corner.