Saturday, 4 December 2010

I Am Snowflake

I pop into existence with a sigh.
My once rounded edges feather into finely woven, delicate designs.
I drift.  I softly slip away from my home in the sky;
The cold air gives me life - I am free! I glide, I dance, I tumble with playful joy.

The wind is my carriage.
I take the helter-skelter ride down towards my destiny.
What lies below, in the lighted streets and glowing homes?
Will there be a chance to play?  Dipping now, I jump, I twist, I turn towards a house

I settle on the drive.
I'm in plain sight for all to see! I look around, expectantly.
There's no-one here... and then I hear the screams...
Turning now, I see the salt - I giant ball of death looms above me

This was no welcome home,
No playful, joyful land where fun is had by all for all to see!
The books were wrong!  I must return to warn my family!
But as my thoughts turn to saviour and revenge, I feel ... warmth...

This isn't so bad.
As my unique crystal artwork starts to soften,
I gently slip into my former rounded shape - my entire body turns into a tear.
But I'd wink, if I had eyes.  They say revenge is best served cold...

... and I've heard rumours about ice!

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